Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Yesterday afternoon we had a great time at our friends' house. The kids were so excited to shoot fireworks. The kids even decided to purchase our fireworks in Missouri since bottle rockets aren't illegal there, as they are in Kansas. (You may substitute 'my husband' for 'the kids' in the above sentences.) Really, my children should be so glad they have their Daddy to bring some fun into their lives. If it were up to me, we'd do smoke bombs, snakes, sparklers, and maybe those little tanks that roll and shoot sparks out of the end.

What do we have here?

How interesting.

Oooh! Here comes one!

I think I may be able to go in....

Yes, I think I can fit!
(This is when I intervened.)

We had a great time and enjoyed the pretty countryside, the chickens, and the freedom to shoot bottle rockets. One of my friend's children ended up with a minor burn from a punk, but seemed to recover quickly. Obviously the Lord answered prayers for protection with sixteen kids running around and fireworks flying! Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day, too!

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summer said...

Those pics are so cute! I love the chicken coop ones with Samuel! Those are such precious moments of new experiences. It's fun to get them on record. Also, I sooooo agree about the firecrackers! I have to go inside when it's time for those. That's a daddy-son thing--it just makes me so nervous. Anyways, thanks for sharing your 4th--very fun!