Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A March Day

Today was a good, quiet, normal day. We worked hard at school and got lots done. The kids played. My Mom came over and served us and lightened my load. We read picture books and finished a biography about Corrie ten Boom that I was reading aloud to the kids (with editing). I worked through about nine corrected math lessons with Keely and Noah. Spring is in the air, which makes us all feel better, I think.

My Mom has been singing to Sam before his bedtime when she's here on Sunday evenings. It's made me think that I should do that more; learn the words to more lullabies, savor those precious moments when he's still and listening and cuddly.

Sam's room is pretty bare. Since we're renting, it's hard to want to put much effort into decorating it. Especially since this rental is for sale. I need a little more guarantee that my energy is really worth it. :)

Joe's lesson with my Dad

I realized today that I'm really going to miss gardening. I suppose I will have to make do with container plants this year. I need to research what veggies might do well in pots, too.

Everyday things. Hope you're enjoying them, too. :)


Anne said...

Love the picture of your dad and Joe. :) Hope your dad's back is feeling better...Matt & I are hoping to plant our first garden this year - we'd love any and all pointers! :)

Wendy said...

Yes I love the picture with your dad and Joe. That is so precious :)

The Stoughton Family said...

Oh, that picture is adorable of your dad and Joe! Sorry you can't garden this year! If you feel like making the hour trek to our house, we have plenty of ground that can be made into a garden. I think we're going to try to plant one this year. =) You're always welcome to come out and we can have a community garden!