Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moving Tips

Isn't this picture hilarious? That is not how I look right now, my friends.

I got the most helpful email from my friend Summer, and she said I could share her wonderful tips here.
I'm so excited about your move! It's fun to move to a new place and start all over. I pray that it will go smoothly for you in every way. Some little hints I would give would be to label your boxes for the rooms they're to go in at your new place--makes moving in simpler for your helpers. Also, use your towels and washcloths to wrap your dishes you use daily. It keeps them cleaner than newspaper so that you don't have to wash them before putting them in your cabinets, it packs your towels in a useful way rather than taking up more space in a bag all their own, and it protects better from breakage. Along the same idea, wrap your mirrors with sheets. Then, you can also put all your beddings inside each child's pillow case (or an extra case with blankets being part of it in the winter). It allows for easy making of the beds on that first night. Last, I would suggest keeping all the hooks, nails, brackets, etc... in a baggie as you pack so that it's all there for when you unpack instead of having to look for the "right nail" again. When you go to unpack, I had a little caddy that had a screwdriver, hammer, tacks, my baggie of nails, tape, measuring tape, paper and pen for jotting down ideas or needs as I found them, simple cleaning supplies, and an empty ziploc baggie or whatever to put loose items in that you'll find along the way that need to be put somewhere else, fixed, etc... Doing this helped save me a lot of time in running back and forth to get stuff or put something away. So, those would be my ideas that might be of help to you.
I have already implemented several of her suggestions. Thanks again, Summer! Still packing, running moving errands, climbing over vast mountains of stuff. We're gonna get there, I know. :)


Liz said...

Another tip that someone gave us along the way....remember, we moved about 10x in the first 10 years we were married!?

On your first night in the new house, do NOT try to start unpacking everything! Put everyone's toothbrushes & toothpaste in a big ziploc bag after they are used the final morning at home & stick them in your purse, the glove compartment, somewhere that won't get lost/shuffled in the move. Pull the sheets/covers off each bed & put them together in the car/truck last thing. When you get to the new place, make your goal be setting up the beds & digging out your toothbrushes. As long as you have a place to sleep & a toothbrush the first night, that's the most important thing. Everything else can (and will) wait.

Dana said...

I like what your friend said about using a basket to keep your materials organized. I did that while I was packing, and kept permanent markers, moving tape, a pad of paper and a pen, and a baggie for nails. That helped a lot. I second what Liz said about making beds a priority. We didn't plan on it working out that way when we moved, but the people who unloaded our moving van immediately set up our beds, and it was wonderful. I had sleeping bags in the van, but didn't need them! I also treated the move as an overnight, and packed each child a bag with PJ's, a change of clothes, and a stuffed animal if needed. I packed my toiletry bag with a comb and detangler, as well as the toothbrushes, and whatever else we might need to put our hands on, and put it in the van so it wouldn't get lost on the moving van. I also had a box that went with me that had styrofoam bowls, plastic forks, spoons, cups, etc., paper plates,PAPER TOWELS, TOILET PAPER, dishsoap, a dishtowel and washcloth, hand sanitizer, and a CAN OPENER. I also took a few snacks and some cereal and juice with me. Then I didn't have to dig for things, come up with a long grocery list or spend a lot of money on breakfast the next morning. Praying for you!

Eric said...

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Joseph said...

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Chelsea Dunhill said...

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