Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Street Sweeper/Ice Cream Truck

Rowan was whisking Sam around the floor in a box this morning. He had the funniest, most bored expression on his face. *I* thought it looked fun. Maybe he was just keeping it all inside.

What's this random picture, you say? Why, these are Annesley's Zhu-zhu pet birthday cupcakes. But you could tell that already, right?

Hope you all had a terrific Christmas! We sure did, with the exception of sick children the week before and one very sad and sick boy on Christmas Day. Went to Dallas and had a great time, saw friends old and new, and was thoroughly inspired by my sister-in-law's amazingly organized house! (I've already done two junk drawers, Mandy!) Thank the Lord for another year to serve Him and grow in His grace!

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