Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seven Quick Things 1/22/11

1. We're staying busy here, pluggin' along with school and getting ready for our move in four weeks. We had our inspections this week, and I'll just say that the Lord was gracious to allow some things that were potentially very big expensive fixes to be so much less than we were thinking. We keep thanking Him for working out all those details! It's been really great to see the kids see God answering our prayers in such timely and tangible ways. Several of them have said to Kevin and me, "God really answered when we asked about _____!" I love that their faith is being strengthened as they see Him working.

2. As I'm packing, I'm trying to really weed out things that I don't love enough to move (twice). I am realizing that we have a book problem in this house. I will seriously estimate that we have over a thousand books, including all the kids' books. But...we're talking about books. Can you really have too much of a good thing? Don't answer that.

3. My house looks like a bomb went off. Partly because we are packing, partly because I've, um, relaxed since we aren't showing our house anymore. Boy is it nice!

4. Wanna know where we are going? There's a family in our church who bought a house in the country before they sold their 'in-town' house, and they haven't been able to sell it yet. So...we are going to rent from them and continue to show their house for them, and they'll be able to move to their country house. Again, God has really worked out a situation to benefit both our family and theirs. Amazing!

5. The kids have been enjoying the snow, and I have been enjoying not having to get out in it much. Noah has been calling the snow 'gold from heaven' since he's been making a bundle of money shoveling our neighbors' driveways lately. :)

6. Sam has finally taken off walking, though he's still a bit unsteady. It makes us laugh to see him upright. Poor guy! Why did I pull out a pink bib for his birthday-cake eating pictures?! Sorry, Sam.

7. Here's an excellent and challenging quote from a great book I just finished reading.

Our call is to find satisfaction in our relationships, not because people please us, but because we delight in displaying God's love to a hopeless world.
-Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, ch. 11, pg 207, emphasis mine

Have a great weekend!


Anne said...

So glad you are able to relax a little and let your house cleaning "slide". :) We're thankful that God has answered your prayers regarding your house and living situation too. How good he is!!! I've been wishing this baby would come sooner rather than later so I can go out and play in the snow with my kiddos, but that's probably the difference between someone growin up in NY state with LOTS of snow vs. TX when snow probably shuts everything down. :D Looking forward to seeing you guys at church tomorrow, unless things change on this end. ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad everything is working out for you & your family... Good luck with the move! I LOVE your quote from the book that you just read... Our call is to find satisfaction in our relationships, not because people please us, but because we delight in displaying God's love to a hopeless world. I think I'll get that book. Love to you and yours, Aunt Bev
P.S. Sam is a doll!! the rest

Candice said...

Thanks for your comment, Aunt Bev! I always love to hear from you! :)