Friday, September 24, 2010

Seven Quick Things 9/24/10

A favorite blogger of mine has begun posting 'Seven Quick Takes' Fridays, so I thought I'd follow suit. A good way to quickly throw a post together and not feel pressure to make it all cohesive. :)

1. This weather is gorgeous! It's really fall! I have been telling my girls quite often lately that it's too early to wear that new sweatshirt or cute long-sleeved's been in the '80s, for goodness sake. But today, well, they got to keep those clothes on that they've been dying to pull out. Fall weather just makes me feel excited; who knows why? I just love it.

2. Our house is still on the market and it's been really quiet lately. Nary a showing this week. Sometimes, I even forget we are selling. We'll see what happens. We're still praying that we would be able to sell and downsize (price, not square footage).

3. I forgot to reply to some questions about Classical Conversations from an earlier post--Sorry! Yes, we only meet on Mondays, from 8:45-3:00. The kids and I are enjoying it and I am amazed at all we are learning. Though it
is a bit annoying to have a history sentence pop into your mind on your way to the potty at 3:00 a.m. After the church split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, William the Conqueror defeated King Harold of England in 1066...

4. Speaking of homeschooling, math is killin' me. This year, I have four students 'doing' formal math programs, and though the older two work their lessons independently, I have to go over missed problems and re-teach concepts that they can't figure out on their own. I am not a math person, and was always a very poor math student, so it's a stretch for me to re-learn all those hated (I know I'm not supposed to say that, but it's true) concepts and be able to explain them to oldest. Can I just say, that whoever decided to include long division problems with fill-in-the-blank missing numbers in random places is e-vil. You Saxon moms know what I'm talking about.

5. Kevin and I snagged a book off of my Aunt Bren's shelf when we were in Louisiana last month. It's called Whatever Happened to the American Dream, by Larry Burkett. It was written in '93, and probably quickly found its way into the bargain bins, 'cause it ain't a cheerful book. But, we have been amazed at how prescient Burkett was about things that are coming to pass right now. I'm looking forward to getting to the last few chapters that deal with solutions and preparing for the future.

6. Speaking of Louisiana, I got a CD of pictures in the mail from my aunt this week. We had so much fun with my family! It was over too quickly, but we squeezed in lots and lots of fun! Here are some pictures.

Annesley with her buddy Uncle Gary

Fun with the cousins!

Can you tell that the golf carts were a hit? (Laura, I am SO sorry to put out a picture of you with your eyes closed, but it was such a cute one of the kids. And, we can all still see how beautiful you are!)

Mom with her four sisters--my dear aunts!

7. Lastly, I am feeling like a good movie. I think the last 'new' movie we rented was Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp. Kevin and I were less than impressed. Any good recommendations?


Nancy said...

I SO hear you on the Saxon thing! I discovered Alpha Omega Horizons, and like it so much better. It is actually as advanced or more so than Saxon, but is easier to learn. I could just give my kids their math pages, and then help as needed. Since Horizons just goes through 6th grade, I used Teaching Textbooks from 7th on. My kids and I both hated math when we did Saxon.

Anonymous said...

your mom's 4th sister is invisible?

Candice said...

Ha! Told you I was bad at math! :)

Debbie said...

My kids have done well with Saxon but we are also very fortunate - my husband is really good at math. So when they get older he spends the time and works with them on concepts they aren't getting. My husband is one that can take a long column of numbers and add them in his head --- and get it right! I am a visual - they have to be written down --- it just amazes me he can do it all in his head. I am thankful to have him. I could struggle through it but he makes it all look soooooo easy.