Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Documentary

I know I'm on a bit of a video kick lately, but I wanted to share this trailer for a new documentary that will be released this fall (I believe). It's about the Parental Rights Amendment movement and why it's needed. Can't wait to check it out! Go here for more information.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy Candice, two years ago in New Zealand it became illegal to use any force on a child, thanks to the UN rights of the child. That means no smacking, no removal against the child's will, effectively no time out!
Of course many parents break the law daily, myself included! But, you have to be very careful! Neighbours could dob you in, Curtains closed when smacking, never! in public(not that I would anyway)Consistently 80% of the population didn't want the law, we had a referendum that the government ignored!!!

Anonymous said...

PS. A wealth of info on here about NZ's role in this debate -

Candice said...

Sandra: Thanks for sharing. I fear that the US is on the same path unless we rise up and talk about the implications of this legislation. It sounds so good on the surface, doesn't it? 'Protecting children'. But at the heart of the issue is this question: Who do children belong to?

Ultimately, they are God's of course, but on this earth, who has the right and responsibility of their care? Parents, or the state? God help us if the state begins to take more control of our kids--or tries to.