Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dirt Buddy Mystery

Me, calling Joseph over to see our VBS 'dirt buddies': Hey, Joe, come look at your dirt buddy!

Joe: Where?

Me: Right here: the one with no pants.

Joe: That's not mine.

Me: Yes, it is. Look! Your name's on the bottom.

Lily: Yeah, Joe. That one's yours!

Joe, almost in tears now: No! That one's not mine!

Me: Joseph, why are you saying that?

Joe: BeCAUSE! I didn't put any hair on mine!


Jenia said...

Too funny! Last weekend Gracie saw that hers had hair and she pulled it out and said.... "I gave mine a haircut". Hmmm. Not what is supposed to happen!

Candice said...

Ha! They are ugly little things, but kindof fun, aren't they?