Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy is the Best

takes the kids to the pool when Mom would say "no"

tickles and wrestles and plays and teases

hugs and kisses and tells the kids that he loves them

shares his Coke if there's enough begging involved

listens to the children and is gentle with them

disciplines them

apologizes to them when he's sinned against them

teaches them God's Word

loves and forgives their Mommy

gets up early to have "Special Time" with each of them one-on-one over hot chocolate

(and all these things could fit under this last one....)

models the Christian life before them.

I love you so much, Kevin! Our children are truly blessed to have such a great Daddy. Happy Father's Day!

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Melissa said...

Oh what a wonderful tribute to your husband! What a wonderful way to build him up! Great job!