Thursday, May 06, 2010

Making the Lord's Day Special II

I posted a little while ago about the why our family desires to Keep the Lord's Day. Here's part one of practical ways to make the Lord's Day special. Hope you find some encouragement from these creative ideas from my friend Barb.
  • Play 'Who Am I?', giving clues about a Bible character.
  • Help others: visit the elderly, lonely, or sick. Take cookies along that your children helped to make, or a homemade card.
  • Write letters or emails to relatives or friends. Or, pick a missionary family to correspond with on a regular basis.
  • Sing worship songs or Psalms together as a family.
  • Take walks together and enjoy God's creation.
  • If your church has no evening service, occasionally visit another area congregation to be an encouragement to them and to broaden your child's concept of your denomination.
  • Use Play Mobile or Lego figures to act out Bible stories or set up scenes from the stories.
  • For younger children, keep a special box of toys and puzzles to be brought out only on the Lord's Day. This helps them get the concept of the day being different and special.
  • Have a family discussion time. Talk about concerns or issues that have come up at home and how to resolve them. Or, just have an open-ended discussion about current issues or theological questions.
  • Learn the books of the Bible. You can use cereal boxes for the "books" and write the names of the books on each one. Then, learn to put them in order and divide them by groups (law, minor prophets, etc.).
  • One Mom Barb interviewed only let her children have candy on the Lord's Day--something they looked forward to all week!
  • Keep a shelf or part of a shelf for "Lord's Day books" to be read only on that day. When reading aloud to your children, read only a set number of chapters a week so that they have to wait-and eagerly anticipate- what happens next.
  • Rest. For older kids, quiet reading in bed or outside on a blanket in the sunshine is a great way to rest.

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