Friday, May 14, 2010

The Earth is the Lord's and Everything In It

"I love the glades and dells, the hills and vales. My pleasure is, in the morning to startle the hare from her form, and in the evening, to talk with the countless stars."
"Can you not learn from nature? Every flower is waiting to teach you. 'Consider the lilies,' and learn from the roses. Not only may you go to the ant, but every living thing offers itself for your instruction. There is a voice in every gale, and a lesson in every grain of dust it bears. Sermons glisten in the morning on every blade of grass, by you as the sere leaves fall from the trees. A forest is a library, a cornfield is a volume of philosophy, the rock is a history, and the river at its base is a poem. Go thou, who hast thine eyes opened, and find lessons of wisdom everywhere, in heaven above, in the earth beneath, and in the waters under the earth."
Charles Spurgeon

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