Saturday, January 02, 2010

We Need Some Help!

Here I am, days away from delivering my baby, and we have no girl's name picked out! We have our boy name ready to go, but we cannot find a girl name that we agree on and are excited about.

Here are our 'rules':
  • Each of our children's first names begins with a different letter. So, that means no names beginning with K, N, L, R, J, or A.
  • Names that end in an 's' sound don't go well with our last name....Kinda like 'Candissss Dennissss'. :)
  • We like girl names that are a bit unusual, but not too weird. Our boys have Biblical names, including the new name we've chosen if this baby is a boy.
Any ideas?


Liz said...

Ohhh...this is fun! Of course you know we did all S names, so I have plenty of those in reserve since we had a few standby names that we didn't use.

My favorite one that we didn't get to for a boy is Simon. Stephen is closely following it.

For a girl, we didn't get to Stephanie, Susanna/Suzanne (never did decide on which), Shayla/Shayley (again, couldn't pick!).

Of course, we also considered other names prior to choosing the SDR initial pattern. There was Daniel Glenn (for Larry's middle name), and I loveddddd Audrey Pearl to honor 2 of our grandparents' names, but we didn't use it. Hmm....can't remember the others we chose at the time, but I also love Owen for a boy and Isabelle or Isabella for a girl, too! I bet you'll get lots of ideas!

Anne said...

Ooh, ooh! This is DEFINITELY my most favorite thing of being pregnant. And I love offering suggestions to friends who ask for them. :) So here are some that I know Matt has already vetoed (for whatever reason, but I still love them!)

Chloe, Charis (pronounced Karis), Isabel, Caroline, Grace, Ella, Clara, Haleigh, Elaina

And I know you are pretty set on your boy's name, but I've always loved Eli (as the given name or as a nickname of Elijah, Elias, etc.).

Perhaps you'll just need to SEE the baby and the name will come to you right away! :) Can't wait!!! Praying for you...feel free to call if you want a massage before/during/after. :D

Leah said...

No doubt...what a treat!!! To get to advertise my fave girlie names...all because you asked! How fun!

I am so excited for you to get to meet your precious newest little Dennis! We will say a prayer for you and your family!

Funny enough...both times I have been preggers Todd and I always have ample girl names we agree on, but NO boys names.I may hit you up, for a return favor for boy names. So here goes....

*of course Maggie, Daphne, Charlotte, Ella, Eleanor, Ellie, Savannah, Sabrina, Sophia, Sophie, Lyla, Suzanna, Piper, Cora, Emerson or Emmy.

I am a fan of cheerful, slightly southern and girlie names! :)

Hope this helps!

Liz said...

Just had another thought & wanted to come here & say this much:

When we were naming our kids, 2 things we tried to always keep in mind were:
1. Names that were specifically BOY or GIRL...nothing that could be confused b/c it's used by both sexes. I know some people like those names, but for us, it just didn't work.
2. We tried to avoid names that are also nouns/verbs/adjectives. Growing up, my maiden name was Martin & for many of my elementary years, if someone referred to the bird (Martin), it would confuse me. I wondered why a relative of mine was in the tree outside. So while I love names like Joy & Hope & Faith & Grace, I never wanted to name my girls those names because I wanted them to specifically attribute those things to God rather than be distracted by "hey that's my name!" every time a pastor/speaker/teacher mentioned it during a sermon/lesson.

Franck Barfety said...

Éowyn. Mainly for her valor in the face of danger in Lord of the Rings. She inspires courage in me when she says: "I fear neither death nor pain." According to wiki: "The word eoh (or eh) means "war-horse, charger" while wyn means "delight, pleasure" (...some sample text... translates wyn as "joy, joyous")... the name Éowyn can be taken to mean "delightful charger".ÉowynÉowyn
Our prayer is that you too may fear no pain during delivery. We love you all.

Steph said...

Before I found this web site I had "Willow" in mind:

We are praying for a safe and healthy Dennis delivery!!!

Elise said...

This is fun! Brianna, Caleigh, Daniella, Daria, Eva, Evelyn, and Vanessa are pretty names.

Dana said...

Lakin (pronounced "Lake-in", accent on first syllable)

Shalyn (pronounced "Shay-lin" with the accent on the last syllable)

Danessa (although I don't know if you want a name that starts with "D")

Can't wait to hear your exciting news! Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE girl names, but only had two--My faves are Caroline, Olivia, Paige, Emma or Emma Grace, Evelyn or Mary Evelyn, Madelyn, Camille, Gracen, Claire, and sometimes Bailey (depends on my mood). I have no idea what any of them mean. I would not be surprised if the right name comes to you when you see her, if it's a her! The times Robin and I couldn't agree on a name, we always had the sex we had a name for.

Dianna said...

I always seemed to have names picked out that were different for that time, but 2 years later are the most commen names for kids! Some that I loved and Randy axed were Charity, Faith, Hallie, and Delia (a version of Cordelia for all those Anne of Green Gables fans :))

Jenia said...

We have some friends that named their little girl, Charlee. It is different but cute! That is my 2 cents:) It looks like you have had lots of help. I am sure the perfect name will come to you if Baby is indeed a sweet girl!!

Tiffany said...

Candice, I have been thinking of you as we both prepare to have babies this week. We know we are having a boy this time and still are struggling with deciding on a name. I think we are 90% there but Paul is not totally on board with the name I like. There is so much pressure to pick a good name and unlike your other posters it is one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy.
I will share the girls name we like if you promise not to get mad if you use it and then we have a girl down the road and use it. Our circles don't intersect much so it shouldn't be a problem! (Our ashlyn idea came from the Evan's ashlyn)
I love the name Evangaline. When I was pregnant with Liam it fit perfectly because it means good news, and we were so surprised and delighted that the Lord allowed us to be pregnant after years of trying. It kind of seems to fit in with your other girls names too! Evie is such a fun nickname too!
Hope you have a great delivery, maybe our babies will have the same birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I like these names, our eldest daughter is named Ronise (I know, you said no R's)!

I also like the name Charlotte, Eva and Kate, I know I know another forbidden!
Have fun!

Needing Him said...

Candice, I have been thinking of you so much through the holiday season. I am so excited for the arrival of your newest blessing and pray for you frequently! I just heard the name 'Clarissa'. I thought that was a pretty name. Can't wait to hear about the baby! Love Dawn

Candice said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great name ideas. Kevin and I have actually decided to go with one that was suggested here. You'll have to wait and see which one! :)

Tiffany, I am thinking about you, too! I had to laugh when I saw the time you posted your comment. I, too, was up then, working on laundry and lining out our school day. Can't wait to hear when your little guy arrives and what you guys name him!

cristina said...

I have no ideas, but so excited for you to be getting closer to meeting your baby. We had ours on the 16th of December and are now moved into the nursing/little diapers, sleepless nights stage. =)
Where are you delivering at?

Sandra said...

That was me, Sandra the Anonymous!

April E. said...

We like unusual, 3 syllable names, ourselves. So some we've considered include Charity, Verity, Melody, Serena, Caroline, Susannah, Elise, Elisa, Emilee, Emeline. Oh man. I can't think of any others without getting out "the list". ;)

April E.

The Stoughton Family said...

I love the name Peyton. Tim hates it. Especially because I wanted to name our girl Peyton Marie....her initials would have been PMS. Not good. I also like the name Skylar. I can't wait to see what you name your baby!!! =)

agnicholl said...

Here are the names that I like, but Anthony's vetoed--plus some others that my family has already used ;)
Piper, Elise, Elliot, Olivia, Elaina, Lydia, Zetta and Palin--(I know it's probably not good to use now that she's so popular, but I saw a set of twins named Perry and Palin and thought they were super cute)!
Praying for a quick and easy labor!

Anonymous said...

Way far away in beautiful Dundas, Ontario, two girls' names are Morgan and Bailey. If we would have had another girl, her name would be Hadley, but we had two boys after that!

Anonymous said...

Cherish, Clarise, Bess, Bliss, Dalis, are some good ones. You can just google "girl names ending in s"

God Bless