Saturday, August 01, 2009

Artsy Craftsy

Even though I had frozen stuff in the car from my grocery trip today, I couldn't resist stopping at a garage sale to check for treasures. The kids give a thumbs-up to my purchase: two paper-chain pattern books. They've been occupied happily for an hour now. This salves my conscience a bit about how little we do formal "art" here during the week. :)


Anne said...

Oh how fun!! Now they can teach ME how to make paper chains, I've always wanted to know. :) (I am in fact, 100% serious about this; I've never been successful the few attempts I've made!)

Candice said...

It's actually really easy, Anne! These templates are fun, though, because it would be a bit challenging to freehand a giraffe, at least for me. :) I'll show you sometime.

Debbie said...

I haven't been great about doing the weekly art at home either but we do have a great art class that we participate in. A college professor teaches our kids once a month and she does a fabulous job. I have posted some of our projects on my blog. You will have to pop in and check them out. I tried to describe them well enough so you could do them at home. And I can't take any credit for the creative ideas - that all came from the art professor. She actually has done some projects with our group that she has done with her college students. She just has our kids work at their own level. It is fabulous. We are very fortunate to have her.