Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perfectly Vunerable

If I wanted to murder someone today, I could. I could get away with it scott-free, and even have willing accomplices who operate without fear in the light of day.

This strange and morbid thought came to me as I watched the perfect form of our little baby on an ultrasound screen yesterday. His tiny four-chambered heart was beating beautifully; perfectly-formed fingers clenched and opened; his little mouth opened and closed as he swallowed. My mind kept thinking that this amazing little person's life is not protected by law. I hold his fate, humanly speaking. I really could decide 'death' for him, and no one would say anything about it. I doubt an abortion at 17 weeks is even considered late-term.

There is something so wrong with our world that this is so. I feel so overwhelmed and powerless when I consider it.

Why, Lord? Why do You allow such evil to continue?

The kids saw a short video of the baby moving around that we brought home with us. We all crowded around the computer and marveled. Last night I was sitting on the couch with Joseph and he reached over and tenderly patted my tummy. He's only three, yet he automatically knows that his little brother or sister is in there. Not a blob of tissue or some kind of 'invader' taking over my body. A marvelously made miniature person, perfectly formed at only half a pound.

Lord, help us. Show us what to do to stem the tide of murder.

I recently read in a 'Christian' magazine that believers today are too focused on the issue of abortion. We should be concerned about the poor and social justice, it said. This author painted those 'two-issue' Christians (the other issue being one man, one woman marriage) as narrow and old-fashioned. This completely stuns me. It would be like living next door to a person who murdered people and chopped them up in the basement, knowing about it, doing nothing, and whistling on your way to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Don't get me wrong: of course we should strive to meet the needs of the poor and share the gospel with them meanwhile, but how can anyone say that any 'cause' is equal to abortion in urgency?

I've posted this link before, and this site has graphic content, so be warned. Let's renew our commitment to fervent prayer.

Lord, give me greater faith in Your power to change hearts and in Your sovereignty. Help me to trust You even though I don't understand.


Teena said...

awesome.... life. I am awe that God would allow me to carry and birth 6. I miss the baby days. I am looking forward to being grandma in the next several years. My youngest is 6....

the awesome privelege of a child... so many miss it.


Jenia said...

The beauty of carrying a child and having the priviledge of feeling and watching it grow is amazing! How people can justify taking that life is baffling to me. Thank you for this wonderful reminder and the excitement of your new little one!

Debbie said...

As a mother that lost two (not by choice mind you), it is inconceivable to me how anyone could believe that it is anything but a child. I didn't grieve for a piece of tissue but for the loss of a child.

Anne said...

There's nothing quite like seeing your baby on the sonogram and watching s/he move around. Even when my sister lost a baby at 10 weeks, you could see it was a fully developing baby, with little arms and hands and feet. And I'm pretty sure 'tissue' can't punch and kick; I remember feeling Bria's little heels AFTER she was born and thinking to myself "Yup, that's definitely the part I was feeling for the past few months!" We'll continue that pray that your new baby will grow healthy and strong and we'll get to meet him/her in God's perfect timing!!! :D

agnicholl said...

Becoming a mother myself has made abortion so much more devastating to me. I can't even begin to understand people's rationale behind it and it just brings forth the urgency and support that needs to take place for these little lives.

Congratulations on seeing your little one! We can't wait to meet him/her!

cristina said...

and on a lighter note, will you find out what you are having? We are balancing out well with another little girl. =)

Candice said...

Oh, that is so great! When are you due, Cristina? We are not going to find out what we're having this time.

cristina said...

I am due Dec 6, but by the way my babies like to cook a little longer, I'd say mid December she will be here. =) Have fun with your surprise!

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

What a great reminder. I've also been amazed that "Christians" can consider voting for a leader who is not completely dedicated to protecting life. If a leader won't commit to this most basic principle how can we trust him with ANYTHING?

Yet, Christians are criticized for being one issue voters. Don't get me wrong, we won't vote for someone merely because he is pro-life, but we will not vote for someone merely because he isn't.

We are praying and grieving along with you for the lives of the unborn of the world.