Friday, June 19, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I haven't blogged much lately, 'cause I don't feel like I've had too much to say...and it's been a really busy week. Now that my morning sickness has subsided, I'm scrambling to get back 'on top' of all of the things I fell off of! My house needs serious attention, there is currently little in my fridge, and the laundry...well; we won't even go there. I'm not complaining; I'm actually really so very excited to feel well again and just need to discipline myself to keep pluggin' away at stuff. We're leaving Monday for vacation, so I have to throw packing and meal planning/shopping in the mix.

Last night we went to a Royals game and had a great time. There have been lots of renovations to the stadium since last year and some of the new additions include a really cool place for kids to play. The older five kids and I spend most of our time, actually, playing instead of watching the game...but it was no loss. Or should I say, it was a loss? Poor Royals.

I had a couple of scary minutes when I lost Joe when the kids were playing on the playground. Thankfully, we found him pretty quickly. He'd wandered off and was about to enter the main 'walking' area. He didn't look scared at all when I found him; I honestly think he just saw something interesting and went that direction. The really frightening part is that I was being vigilant about watching the kids. I was circling the play area like a hawk, trying to keep eyes on everyone, and yet he still managed to get away without me seeing. I think the only thing I could've done differently was to have a talk with all the kids about not leaving an area without me. Anyway, we're all safe and sound and I thank God for that.

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Mandy said...

How fun! I love seeing the kids in their ball caps. They just get cuter by the day. :) I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. Love to everybody!!