Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Bookish Thoughts

Over the past four months or so, I've begun several books... Foxe's Book of Martyrs, The Pursuit of Holiness... and my non-committal style has begun to get on my own nerves. So, I've decided to actually finish some books. Here are a couple I've just read that are worth recommending.

Children of the Promise: The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism

This one has taken me about eight months to complete, partly because I didn't want to read it. Coming from a Baptistic understanding of baptism, i.e. "believer's baptism only", and now being a part of a wonderful Presbyterian church, this topic has been one that I've had to work hard to keep an open mind about. This book really helped me understand the biblical reasoning for infant baptism, and I quickly realized that I had some very shallow--and incorrect--presuppositions about why people baptize their infants and children. If you are curious about how anyone could justify/believe in paedobaptism, you should get your hands on a copy of this book.

A Walk with Jane Austen

I felt the need for some lighthearted fare after reading (or starting to read! :) ) Several theological books. This was not a great book, but it was interesting; somewhat like reading someone's diary. The author spent a few weeks in England visiting places of importance in the life of Jane Austen. If you haven't read most of Austen's works, you'll probably feel like you're being left out of a lot of 'inside' jokes. The author is a Christian and writes very frankly and honestly about her questions and doubts, which was refreshing. The biggest thing I came away with, reading about the struggles of this 33-year-old woman with her singleness, was an overwhelming thankfulness that I am happily married. :)

Now, I am reading Home Alone America: The Hidden Toll of Daycare, Behavioral Drugs, and Other Parent Substitutes by Mary Eberstadt. So far I'm really enjoying this one. The author seems to be committed to following the data and not her own desired agenda.

And now, I think I'll go put my feet up and work on finishing another book.


Teena said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. :)

be blessed

Liz said...

Can you email me privately about the infant baptism book & what you learned? I don't want to start a big debate or anything here...but I am curious what you learned. I'm sure we have similar upbringings in regard to this topic so I'd love to hear your insight!

The Home-Alone America book sounds great! I'd love to read that one. I'll look for it!

Just a thought...Thomas Nelson needs book reviewers! I'm one! Email me & I'll tell ya about it.