Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Thursday, my wonderful Mom-in-law flew in so that Kevin and I could attend our local annual homeschool conference. Kevin and I had a great time hearing the speakers and visiting with friends.

The keynote speaker this year was Michael Farris, and on Thursday night he spoke about the International Treaty for the Rights of the Child. What he had to say was truly frightening, and I don't just mean for the homeschooler. This is something every parent--every person--should know about and be actively fighting. The passage of this treaty will affect every parent's right to make decisions for their children's well being and protection. Go here and get involved in the grassroots movement to keep this nonsense from becoming legislation.

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Anne said...

Boy, that's JUST what we need! A gov't that doesn't run itself properly...we'll let them raise our children!! Thanks for posting...I was in the dark on this one. :)