Monday, April 06, 2009

Ladies, Young and Old: Read This!

I stumbled upon this blog post this morning and was excited to share this reminder about modesty as the temperatures will be heating up soon. Funny, careful, but clear. Love it. And I'm motivated anew to lose those pounds that are making my jeans too tight lately. :)


Dana said...

Good post. It is easy to get "pretty" mixed up with "hot", since "hot" is what is popular in fashion. Lord, have mercy on us and help us.

Anne said...

I agree, the post is a good reminder (as was another post I found from that one...). Matt made the comment the other day when we were at the park and saw some YOUNG girls wearing clothes that were definitely age inappropriate (or basically just inappropriate, regardless of age!) and he said "Bria, you will NEVER wear any of that. Ever."