Saturday, April 11, 2009

Help for the Grocery Budget

With a family of 8, I love to find ways to stretch our food dollars.  But, if you're like I was, the words "Bakery Outlet" made me think of stale white bread and gross sugary snack cakes; I wasn't interested in visiting one.  My friend Kim told me about the great deals she was getting on good bread, though, so I decided to try it out.  

I'm sold!  On my last visit, I bought tortilla chips (that we love), pre-made pizza crusts, and, of course, lots of bread.  The bread was soft and most of it was still a week away from the 'sell-by' date.  I put a lot of it in the freezer, and it should last us a couple of weeks.  The grand total for 14 items?  $15.96. Pretty good, don't ya think?  


Anonymous said...

Those are our favorite tortilla chips! It's been a long time since I've been to one of the bakery outlets. Thanks for the reminder! Which one did you go to?

Liz said...

Ok, God. I get it.
This is the 2nd post in a week from a friend of mine telling the wonders of what they found at a bakery outlet store. He must be trying to tell me something!

Candice said...

Michelle--it's the one by our homeschool co-op. I can take your order and pick up some chips or whatever you want next time I go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I've driven by that store for 10 years and never stopped; I did today after coop and came home with some great deals!
Julie C.