Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Feed a Baby

Step 1: Put baby in high chair and put food on tray.

Step 2
: Baby eats two bites, then throws remainder of food on floor.

Step 3
: Clean up baby and take her out of high chair.

Step 4
: Baby eats food off of floor.

What is it about the floor that makes that rejected food appealing again? I'm thinking about going straight to step 4 next time.


Anne said...

AMEN! I have no idea, but Tyler is the same way. :) And unfortunately it's not just the things that were offered for THIS meal that he ends up eating! Ew, gross. Now I just admitted to not cleaning my floors as often as I should...;)

Jenia said...

Maybe they think the food on the floor is a new "treasure" they found themselves! In an act of desperation I may have started with step 4 before... on a plate on the floor! It sort of worked.

Swede at Heart said...

I think it's because they are now in control of lunch, not you! I know Katie our youngest loves to control her food, and I think it's because as the baby she is used to not having control over much. LOL

Anonymous said...

The floor of the car is a great source of roadside snacks too :p

cristina said...

yeah, I caught my kids eating off of the car floor! I thought I was SUCH a bad mom! Glad to hear there are others out there!!! =)
Oh, and Candice, your floor looks clean, anyway!! lol

The Stoughton Family said...

That's exactly what Sawyer does....only there's no food left on the floor for him to eat once we put him down because our dog gets it first! Now our dog is fat!