Thursday, March 19, 2009

Before and After

Our kids have been in Texas since Saturday, and we'll meet in Oklahoma City this Saturday to get them back. I know, I know: We are blessed with the most wonderful parents ever! I love this time; it's great for the kids, great for (though lots of work for!) the grandparents, the cousins, and for our kids, who have been counting down to this week for a while.

Kevin and I have had lots of time together, and have gotten to go out a few times as well as just enjoy staying in together, in a strangely quiet house. I've also tackled a couple of projects, though I know I won't be able to complete everything I want to. The priority project for me this week was to get Rowan and Annesley's room re-done for them. Shhh. It's a surprise. I've always loved 'before and after' pictures, so I'll share some with you here.

Before, the girls' room was okay, but not very girly. I was thrilled to find two twin quilts, two shams, and two coordinating throws at Marshalls--for less than the cost of one of the Pottery Barn clearance quilts I was looking at.

I picked up this sturdy little antique chair at a garage sale last summer. I paid $20, which is more than I usually spend on one item, but I knew it would be so cute in the girls' room.

Trying to decide which fabric to go with...

Here's the chair, all finished.

And here's the finished room. I'm so glad my sister-in-law told me to be careful with pinks. I picked the very lightest color on the paint chip, and I think it's just right.

I don't think the boys will even want to come in here.


Anne said...

It looks great, Candice! You put in a lot of work while they were gone. :) I'm sure the girls will love it. And I love the fabrics you chose - very girly and very cute!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! The girls (well,Rowan) is going to be thrilled!

cristina said...

How cute! I like pink for Elena, too, and yours turned out just right for my taste.
LOVE the chair, very nice!! Good Job!

Jenia said...

I love girly things! It looks so cute!

Swede at Heart said...

So pretty! I know they will be thrilled. :)

The Stoughton Family said...

Such a cute room! I think I might have to get your decorating advice the next time we decorate a room!

Dana said...

It looks great!