Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Favorite 39 Things about My Favorite 39-Year-Old

1. He plays hard with the kids. Lots of roughhousing and screaming.

2. He loves sports-playing and watching. Very manly. :)

3. He is patient with me when I have emotional days and doesn't panic when I cry.

4. He is a lawn-guy, and makes our yard look great. He mows and edges and even sweeps up all those clippings--never blows them into the street.

5. He is tender with our babies and spoils them probably more than I do.

6. He makes a mean hot sandwich.

7. He's thankful when I prepare food for him--whether it's fancy or just a sandwich.

8. He makes time for each of our children.

9. He loves God and seeks Him every day.

10. He is humble and can receive correction from others.

11. He's naturally athletic and can play sports well even if he's 'out of practice'. Let's hope our children get these genes from him, because goodness knows they aren't getting 'em from me.

12. He is a whiz with computers.

13. He puts people at ease, has a great laugh, and a great sense of humor.

14. He likes to read books about theology.

15. He reads the Bible to the kids almost every day.

16. He does things right. I may be able to clean up the kitchen in half the time, but it looks much better when he does it. Things shine.

17. He happily drives a not-so-hot car because it's payed for.

18. He sings loudly in church.

19. He always apologized first after we have an argument. This can actually be kind of irritating. :)

20. He looks fantastic in a suit and tie.

21. He watches Jane Austen movies with me.

22. He encourages me with homeschooling the kids when I feel discouraged.

23. He sends sweet emails and leaves thoughtful messages on my phone.

24. He is a really fun Daddy. The kids like it when he goes to the grocery store because he buys Pop-Tarts and things I never do.

25. He allows me to decorate the way I want to. He has no problem lounging on a flowery chair while he watches football.

26. He reassures me patiently when I'm feeling insecure.

27. He spends time with his guy friends, but not so much that it's at the expense of our family.

28. He provides for our family financially.

29. He tackles 'honey-do' lists with a good attitude.

30. He changes the channel when inappropriate commercials come on.

31. He looks away when inappropriately-dressed women walk by. These last two are so honoring to me as a wife.

32. He pays attention to politics, but trusts in God.

33. When I need something (want something?) he is very generous with me and almost always encourages me to get what I need/want. I have to be careful not to take advantage of this. :)

34. He loves that I try to be frugal.

35. He makes our bed every day.

36. He leads our family lovingly but firmly.

37. He is committed to our marriage and isn't content to 'drift'.

38. He constantly examines himself and strives to be a better man.

39. He gets better and better with age! I love you, Kevin! Happy Birthday!


Anne said...

Aww, sounds like you have quite a catch, Candice! :) It was fun reading those. Hope he has a great day!

Franck Barfety said...

I wondered why Andi asked me to make the bed this morning... you're not helping Kevin! Jokes aside Candice, you do have a wonderful husband who can be trusted. He is a great friend!