Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back Into the Routine

Every day since we got home from TX, I've had a goal or two for the day:  laundry, ironing, meal-planning and grocery shopping, taking care of phone calls, thank-you's, etc.  Today is earmarked for school planning.  I always like to evaluate how we're doing and refresh my vision and goals for each of the kids.  I feel rested after two weeks of not even thinking about school, and ready to focus again on the 'school' part of our life. One thing that's abundantly clear to me is the need for the kids to remember how to entertain themselves and be content!  This afternoon two different children came to me with a sad, bored expression on their little faces and bemoaned the fact that 'there was nothing to do'.  I guess it's just the contrast of constant time with cousins, new toys, and too much t.v., compared with no available friends to play with, no-longer-exciting new toys, and no more t.v. time today. 

I gave them a quick little lecture in my nicest voice. 

One thing in particular I'm excited to implement again is our chore schedule.  I think that this is so good for the kids, but we've gotten away from it.  I want to update it a little and include more things for the 3 and 4 year olds to do, even if it's wiping baseboards with water or something.  I think they'll feel proud of themselves to have 'big kid' responsibilities, as they haven't gotten the memo (that I think kids get around age 6) that work is, literally, a chore. 

I also want to begin formal logic study with Keely.  I'm going to order this.  Though I think I may have to fight Kevin for the right to teach this subject, as we are both excited about learning logic as we teach the kids.  :)

Another change I'm planning on is to pick back up our family read-alouds.  I've done this with the kids since Keely was about 4, but since Annesley's birth, I haven't been as consistent.  We all love this time together and I think it's so beneficial for all the kids.  I'm going to even try to include Joseph now, by trying something I read about in this article:  training him to stay put on a blanket with some legos while I read.
We'll see.  

I want to finish The Light and The Glory for Children, and then begin a biography about Corrie Ten Boom.

Anyway, those are some of my goals.  Kevin needs the computer, so I'm off to finish planning.    


Rebecca M said...

At my house, we are getting ready to return to our routines as well. I'm so looking forward to it!

My younger kids have been able to be nearby and listening to our read alouds by having "blanket time" like you described. I've found that those who can't snuggle with us in a, should we say "productive" way, do well on their own blanket instead of on the couch with the older kids, while I read.

Any suggestions for a read aloud for a 6 and 4 year old boy and a 3 year old girl? (She'll be the one on the blanket!)

Have fun this week!

Candice said...

Hi, Rebecca. I haven't had a chance to look back at the list of the books I read to my kids at that age...though I do know that Charlotte's Web was one of the first books I read aloud to them. Have you every checked out 'Honey for a Child's Heart' by Gladys Hunt? A friend gave me a copy and I highly recommend it. It contains lots of encouragement and 'whys' of reading to kids of all ages, and also has wonderful reading list suggestions for all ages, from a Christian perspective. Happy reading! :)

Anonymous said...

I like Honey for a Child's heart, too. I am also planning on getting back to reading aloud to my children this year. Coloring (but not drawing) has worked well for keeping little ones occupied while I read, but that all depends on if they like to color, and how old they are.
We have enjoyed Mind Benders, although I think it was more of a stretch for my mind than for my children's! I have Elise help John with his, because she is better at it than I am, now. We use the computer version of Mind Benders. -Dana