Tuesday, October 14, 2008

True Woman Conference

I loved, loved, the time in Chicago for the True Woman Conference. I loved getting time with my dear friend Dawn to talk uninterrupted (and TALK we did), meeting Dawn's Aunt Debi and Uncle Ed who showered us with wonderful hospitality and care, and being encouraged and challenged by all the conference speakers. I haven't had a chance to even review my notes, but there was so much good teaching that I know I'll be chewing on it for weeks to come.

And can I just say that I have the best husband ever? He not only had all six kids by himself all weekend, but he managed to carry on with school on Thursday and Friday and the house was clean when I got back and they all actually had fun with Daddy. Okay, honey; enough's enough. You're making me look bad now.


L.G. Reeves said...

when Liz goes out of town and leaves me with the kids we are lucky if no one winds up in the ER. The first time I kept Savannah alone i spent 150 bucks on video rentals and mcdonalds... the kids had half clothes and half PJ's when we got to church.

Candice said...

Ha! Too funny. I like the mental picture of 'Daddy dressing'. Really, Larry, we ladies just appreciate that you try. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Candice:

What a joy to meet you last week-end, at my home, and enjoy the blessing of the three-day conference with you and Dawn. I loved every minute, as we shared our time and grew in His love.

You and Dawn have such loving spirits and tender hearts. I will treasure the wonderful memory. God bless your family!

"Aunt" Debi

L.G. Reeves said...

Hey C,

I just found out that a lady in my church went to this conference in Chicago as well. Must have been a good one for her to go all that way.

Euodia said...

Part one of "True Woman Manifesto: A Response" is up at: http://hevencense.wordpress.com/2009/01/01/true-woman-a-response/