Friday, October 31, 2008


The kids and I got home a little while ago. Everyone has crashed from their sugar-highs and from all the fun and excitement tonight. Kevin has been home and in bed for hours, as he came back early because he needs to be up extra-early for an exam tomorrow. So, here I sit, trying hard not to eat anymore of the kids' candy and to ignore the mess that I could be doing something about. I suppose it'll be there tomorrow.

Before I get to what the title refers, I have to share what I overheard my adorable and math-minded son say tonight in the car. "Hey, you know those little trapezoid-shaped candies? I got five of 'em!" It took a minute, but I realized he meant Rolos. Never thought about that angle before.

I was checking out the Girltalk blog a minute ago, and spent some time reading through the ideas from different women about how they 'do their husbands good' (Prov. 31:12). Wow! Am I a slacker! I feel so convicted about my lack of creativity in making my husband feel loved, respected, and honored. I really am a selfish wife, so often thinking about my work load or my needs or feelings. I am determined to try harder in this area and begin striving to take care of Kevin even (gasp!) before I take care of me.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Phil. 2:4 ESV

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. Luke 6:31 ESV


Anonymous said...

Funny, I read the Girltalk ideas right before checking your blog! I felt convicted, too. I need to be better about the actual follow-through. I (sometimes) think of fun ways to do my hubby good, but then don't necessarily make them happen! UGH!


Rebecca M said...

The Girltalk series on how to bless our husbands has been great, hasn't it?
I, too, am surprised, although I probably shouldn't be, when I realize how selfish I am as a wife.

My family has been sick this week- almost everyone, including my husband has been under my care. And I'm tired! And that selfishness in me leaks out all the more when I am caring for everyone at a deeper level for a longer period of time. How quickly I want to give up!!

Thanks for posting these verses to remind us where our hearts should be!

jeniavanhorn said...

Loved this post! I sometimes think that if I get all my "work" done then I am done! But how very selfish, he has been working all day too. I spend so much time taking care of the kids, I should spend more time taking care of my husband too!
Thanks for the reminder, very refreshing!