Thursday, October 09, 2008


This weekend Kevin and I went to the art museum to see an exhibit that I had heard about. It was really enjoyable; I love marveling at the beauty rendered in some of the pieces. Some. We tried to keep a straight face around some pieces like this one: Here's what the description says on the Nelson-Atkins website:
Rothko’s painting, much like a void, allows the viewer an opportunity to confront the self and discover the universe anew. The artist believed that his work offered a ritual passage to a sacred realm.
O-kay. We did see some really wonderful work, like this one, by Augustus Egg: Worldviews really are communicated by visual artists, just as they are by writers, musicians, and singers. In my humble and wholly uneducated opinion, true art reflects something of the beauty and reality of God's creation. Even modern art, though not my personal favorite, can be beautiful, but it seems that most new art celebrates the ugly, the deformed, the perverse, the chaotic. Christian artists, where are you? Rise up!


Anonymous said...

Maybe our little kids should scribble a picture and we can give it some abstract name and make a lot of money. Hmmm...:)We could call it Elmo's World.


Candice said...

I know. Kevin and I have laughed when say, one of the kids makes a really interesting picture that reminds us of some buzzed-about piece of modern art...or when the elephants at the zoo paint with their trunks and come up with something akin... ;)