Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sink Bath

I love this stage: Annesley can sit well enough by herself and is still small enough to fit in the sink for a quick bath. She had so much fun splashing and playing; she cried when I took her out. I love how these pictures came out. Annesley always has a smile for Keely and Noah. She smiles at Lily's antics some, and a little bit at Row, too...but she mostly takes a defensive posture when Joe's around. Just kidding. He's actually really sweet and gentle with her, too.


Liz said...

I love it when my kids do something so sweet & gentle with one of the others in a moment of kindness & compassion. Love these pics!!

L.G. Reeves said...

When I first tried to bath Savannah in the sink she screamed so much and so loud I was shaking. It eventually got better but YIKES it was awful.

Anonymous said...

How darling! I liked giving sink baths so I didn't have to bend over the tub!

Anonymous said...

Precious pics, precious girls!

cristina said...

how precious. I miss being able to give sink baths. :)