Monday, September 15, 2008

Confusion over Sarah

This morning, after I'd had several consecutive cups of coffee, I started thinking. I really do have complete thoughts sometimes, just not a lot of time lately to communicate them! I was thinking about my last two posts, and how together they seem to contradict each other...One spotlights Voddie Baucham and his opinion that it's wrong for Sarah Palin to hold the office she is seeking, and another seems to defend SP against the femininsts who despise her. This is an effort to bring my thoughts together in a way that's somewhat coherent.

The Voddie Baucham clip I really like because I think he was bold and eloquent about speaking the truth of the Bible. He was polite and gracious, but he didn't try to soften his message, as I've seen many an evangelical do in interviews like that. Voddie says on his blog that he is not voting for either McCain or Obama this November. You can check out his reasons on his website. I respect VB's opinion and can see his point.

I am a bit torn on the whole Sarah Palin issue. I am excited to see a woman running for VP, I love that she's pro-life. I think that putting someone in office who wants to see an end to the horrific holocaust of abortion is a no-brainer. But I do wonder if any woman, no matter how exceptional, can really care for her family and newborn with special needs while holding such a high office. I don't doubt that this woman would be a capable and trustworthy public servant. I guess I am a feminist in the classic sense: I believe women are worthy of respect and equal treatment under the law, equal pay for equal work, etc. But that's about as far as I go. I don't believe that men and women's roles are always interchangeable. God made us male and female. God created us differently for a purpose. I do believe the truth of the Bible, that women should be "keepers at home". Does that look exactly the same for everyone? Of course not. But how could a woman hold the second-highest office in the land and truly be any sort of keeper of her home?

I'm still sorting this out. For those of you that I see on a regular basis, there's never time to really have any sort of in-depth conversation because of the littles who need attention. I would love to hear your opinions on this one.


Liz said...

I can certainly understand your thoughts & why you're still processing things. I've had those same questions run through my mind. However, I feel like Sarah Palin didn't get to where she is without a lot of family support & a strong marriage, so I assume that Mr. Palin will step up & be a very helpful daddy in the next few years if she gets elected. It looks like this is a wonderful way for me to see a broader picture of the Prov. 31 woman in action. :)

Mallett Family said...

Good Morning Candice! I never have commented on your blog before because I have never actually met you (I am a childhood friend of Kevin and Mandy's here in Bryan, TX) although I am a faithful reader.
This time I had to comment though. I too feel very torn on this issue. Here at work my co-workers think I am crazy for even having a conflict on the issue. I read a great article on Dr Laura's blog that got me to thinking hard on the issue...check it out at
The crazy think is that I am a mom who works outside of the home so you would think I would be more supportive of this role.
Anyway, I know I didn't have any great insite since I am still torn myself but I would love to hear everyone else's opinions on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Scripture does not forbid women from being in high government office (Deborah, for example, although we don't know if she had children at home). That being said, I don't know how a woman could be VP and have an infant (although I don't know how a man could be president and still have children at home). My thought is this-if her husband supports her, how do we know that she can't do it? Are we trying to fit all parents into our mold of what a good parent looks like? My grandparents sent one of their five children to a boarding school in high school. I realize she was older than some of Palin's children, yet my point is this: they hardly ever saw each other, yet my aunt is now a professor, a good wife, mother, and daughter. What about all the missionaries that have sent their children away to boarding school? Yes, I am concerned about Palin's family. But her family is her responsibility (and her husband/head's). Voting for the best candidate is my responsibility. If her husband didn't support her, then I would not think that she could/should do it. Life does not always allow us neat and tidy decisions to make. But allowing the other side to win,
I think, would not be a good choice.

Swede at Heart said...

Well said Dana! I think if Sarah Palin has a strong support in her family and specifically her husband, there is no reason why she can't be VP. Our former pastor's wife helped my sort out some of these gender roles by realizing that God doesn't necessarily dictate who should do what within the marriage; rather, he gives each of us the gifts and it's our responsibility to each other and to God to make sure those gifts are used. And I think throwing away a vote out of moral spite is just wrong. JMO though!

Anonymous said...

First off, I believe in the absolute infallibility of the Word of God and the knowledge that God does nothing against His own character. The patterns He set up in scripture are there because He ordained them so. There are no exceptions!

I have heard so much about using Deborah of the OT as a pattern for women being in positions of leadership. This story was NOT the normative in fact the point that Deborah was in leadership was a CURSE on the men of Isreal... that there was no men that would lead!

The issue that keeps going through my mind is that we (christians and republicans) seem to be so consumed with the fact that we must win this election! And that if it's a women who will help us win...then no matter what God's pattern is, let her sacrifice her family so we can WIN! And yes, God does dictate who should do what within a marriage! See Titus 2:4&5 and 1 Timothy passages.

Some of my family & friends that disagree with us say that God is raising up Sarah to stand for christian principles! I don't doubt that she is a well spoken, dedicated, & even religious person. But again, I don't believe that God would do anything against His own character!

John McCain is really the one that would elected. From what I have researched and read, he is not pro-life, he is not strong on securing our borders and has voted to allow illegal immigrants to stay, he has very immoral standards in his own personal life. Let's not forget that the choice of Sarah Palin was a very well calculated one & a very shrewd one on Mccain's part.

God is a sovereign God! Although I cringe at the fact that Obama might be our next President, does America deserve anything better? America has rejected God, human life, marriage, & most morals!

We are not sure who we are going to vote for in this election. It won't be Obama & it won't be McCain! I apologize for sounding so heated on this, but I grieve in my spirit that we have really sunk so low in our knowledge of what is right & wrong even for the sake of a win.