Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Thunder Rolls

...And the lightning strikes. That was for you Garth Brooks fans out there. Back in the day I used to listen to country music. Now I have no clue who most of the country singers are....Any-who, it's storming outside and I hope we don't have intermittent visitors climbing into bed with us tonight.

My Mom and Dad are coming to visit this weekend, which is very exciting, and we're all so ready to see them. We're going to take them to the Lenexa Spinach Festival on Saturday and then head up to St. Joseph to visit the Jesse James and Pony Express museums. You betcha I'll be counting this as a field trip!

I've been a bit quiet here lately, partly due to the busyness of life and getting back into school in a more scheduled way. We're all healthy and good, enjoying the grace of God daily. But, there's some other stuff going on, and I just can't bring myself to write about it. It's sad and scary and I'm sure I'll write about it later on, but just not yet. So, whoever might be reading this, please pray for our family (how? you might be wondering, since I'm being so vague...) that we would have God's wisdom and guidance and patience and that I, specifically, would cast all my cares upon Him.


Swede at Heart said...

Praying right now Candice.

cristina said...

Praying for you!


Candice said...

Thanks, Ann and Cristina. I appreciate your prayers!