Saturday, September 06, 2008

Homemaking stuff

I've been trying a new system for laundry around here. So far, so good. Before, I would fold stuff, haul it upstairs, and have the kids help me sort everything into piles and put it away and hang it up. Sometimes they would do this on their own, which resulted in finding stuff in the weirdest places: Uh, why is Rowan's princess tank top in Daddy's sock drawer? The main thing I don't like about doing it this way is that it gets so overwhelming so fast with the amount of laundry we deal with here. So, I bought some smaller baskets, labeled them, and now I fold each child's laundry, fill up the baskets over several days, and then have everyone take care of their own basket. Keely, Noah, and Lily help the little ones, too. I've been having the kids bring the baskets back to the laundry room as soon as they're emptied to prevent them from turning into boats/baby beds/lion cages and getting broken. I have been taking care of the other clothes and towels. So far, it's working great, and we don't seem to have to deal with laundry quite so many days of the week. Any other Moms have tips or ideas for laundry efficiency?


Anonymous said...

Hi Candice! At my house all five kids fold their own laundry. I call it a "laundry party" and sometimes put on an Adventures in Odyssey CD. They also put it away when they're done.
Julie C.

Anonymous said...

Elise does her laundry and John's, then sorts it; she folds and puts hers away. John somtimes folds and always puts his away. I have John and Lindsay fold washcloths and small towels. I fold the rest and put it away (although Lindsay could fold and put hers away if I didn't cram her drawers so much....) I also encourage "wear it again if it is not dirty" although this rarely applies to the younger two. I also only wash bath towels once a week, unless they get really wet, or are dirty.

Anonymous said...

I like to do laundry only on certain days, that way the other days are like a "mini vacation" I ended up choosing Monday for everyone's clothes and weekend towels. Friday we do everyone's clothes, master bedroom and two out of four children's bedding, and all the towels. Then the next week I will get the other two children's bedding washed and changed. It is a full day of laundry "monitoring" but then it's done until the next laundry day:-)

I also have used the individual baskets for a couple of years now and it work great! The kids are able to put their own away very easily.

I also have saved a bundle this year on propane by hanging my clothes out. It's really now as time consuming as it seems! Thanks for your ideas. Keep em' commin'!

Julie G. from CA

Anonymous said...

NOT as time consuming! I need to learn to type!

Candice said...

Thanks for the ideas! I like the idea, Julie C., of putting on something to listen to (like Adventures in Odyssey) to make the work more pleasant.

Julie G., your organization puts me to shame. My method with bed sheets it this: when I can't remember the last time I washed them, it's time to wash them. Shh. Don't tell anybody. :)