Wednesday, July 30, 2008

See This

Kevin and I downloaded Indoctrinate U (DVD) several weeks ago and I keep meaning to write about it. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it as much as you can enjoy something that makes you shake your head. After seeing a glimpse of the war for intellectual freedom raging on college campuses today, I kept thinking about how the meaning of "tolerance" has completely changed. Classically it has meant allowing others to air opinions different from your own with an attitude of respect. notes that "Tolerance suggests a liberal spirit toward the views and actions of others." Ask a guy on the street today, and you'd likely get a very different definition. Tolerance has come to mean accepting all liberal ideas and opinions and keeping your mouth shut if you happen to hold conservative ones. Irony of ironies. Funny in a sad kinda way. But scary. Very scary when people's freedoms are trampled in the name of the "T" word. I think Christians especially should see this documentary and arm themselves for what we're up against.

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