Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Much Better Today

I'm feeling much better today. Thanks for calling and checking on me, Mom. :) I had my pity party and now am finished pouting. I ended up taking Rowan with me yesterday evening to run some errands and it was good to have some time with her. I resisted at first, feeling entitled to some 'time alone'. I felt sullen and sorry for myself. And disgusted at myself for feeling sullen and sorry for myself. The Lord showed me that I was being selfish and letting my focus rest solely on my own desires instead of what was best for my family. Amazingly, I felt such freedom when I decided to bring along a child and invest in relationship with her. Obedience to God really does bring peace, even if the circumstances are trying and exhausting.

On another note, we are so excited that after two weeks of cruising in the gas-thirsty mega-van, Kevin has bought a car! Yay! It was really neat to see how the Lord answered this prayer. Last Friday, K
evin and I were both praying that we might be able to find the right car through someone that we know. Kevin had been spending lots of time searching for cars and was a little discouraged/uneasy about the results. Buying from someone we knew just seemed so much safer, as was our experience when we bought the Miata from friends who were moving. Not to mention that your options are narrowed greatly when you have a set amount of money to work with and are committed to paying cash. That very morning Kevin got a phone call from his friend Doug, whose co-worker was selling a Honda Civic.

The very car that we'd been hoping for because of its excellent gas mileage. At a price that fit our budget.

We've had it checked out by a mechanic and it only needs a couple of minor things done. The tinting is bad and it has some ugly decals on it, but nothing we can't get fixed.

So, praise to our Heavenly Father, Who knows us intimately and gives good gifts to His children.


Anonymous said...

Amen and to God be the Glory!
(glad you are feeling better too)

Anonymous said...

Yay! He is a faithful Provider. I was thinking about you yesterday...God has led me also, recently, to be willing to take a child with me on an errand. It is amazing how their disposition improves after a little time alone with a parent. I usually don't think to take one with me, either! You are a great mom/wife, keep it up for His glory :).