Saturday, July 05, 2008

Filter Filth with Firefox

I highly recommend using Mozilla Firefox as the browser of choice for perusing the Internet. It is more secure, supports web-standards and includes hundreds of extensions you can use to enhance your browsing experience (no, they're not paying me).

One of the extensions we use is an add-on called Adblock ( You'll also want to install their filter updater (

I forgot what a great job this little tool does until I saw a group on Facebook entitled 'Petition to get the sexual images off the left side of Facebook!'. I had to think for a moment about what they were talking about until it dawned on me. Oh, yeah. I don't see 'em... Yea!

One other thing, if you see an image you don't like just right-click on it and from the bottom of the menu choose 'Adblock image'. Voila.

If you use Firefox + Adblock, or start using it, please let me know your experience. Happy, safe surfing! :)

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