Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Enjoying the Days

My Mom is here visiting, so we've been doing so many things...went to see the Kit Kittridge movie (I think I cried about five was so sweet), played at Wonderscope Children's Museum, took all the kids to the dollar movie this morning, played games with Grandma and showed her all our cool VBS moves, and Rowan and Joseph and Grandma have played 'Babies'--imaginative play of choice--many times. Kevin and I've gone out to eat several times and enjoyed a nice walk around the new lake that just opened near our house. As I write this, Mom and Keely are cooking up a surprise in the kitchen. What fun days with Grandma! (Hope Mom will forgive me for posting the top picture...she has on no makeup as it was taken early this morning, but I think it's a beautiful picture!)

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