Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Snapshot Post

Listening to Sara Groves downstairs, loud enough to be heard up here, and Annesley wiggling in her sleep behind me.

Learning to be patient with myself and others, trusting Him and resting in His promise to complete the work He begins in His children.

Thankful for so many things! My sweet and godly best friend and husband, my precious children, the gift of God's beauty in the everyday things.

In the kitchen ....Not so inspired right now. Last night we had chili-dogs. I confess I was not in a cooking mood when I planned meals for this week.

Sewing ....I have come to the conclusion that I cannot force myself to like sewing, as much as I'd like to like it. I just don't.

Wearing a green cotton shirt and casual skirt with large green and blue flowers on it. I have discovered a new favorite store: Banana Republic outlet. Kevin just loves to hear all about the money I'm saving him. :) It's twisted logic, I admit.

Reading Basic Christianity, by John R.W. Stott. Just finished Nam Vet by Chuck Dean.

Hoping to be suddenly motivated to tackle my ironing when I get up from the computer.

In the yard and garden I just picked the first strawberries off our little potted plant. Finally got some annuals planted in the front by the walk.

Praying for growth and revival in our church, unsaved friends, and for wisdom and patience for myself and Kevin as we love and train the kids.

Looking forward to seeing my dear friend Dawn at church tonight and talking and laughing with her.

I think I hear someone calling my name...

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