Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Morning World

Things I should be doing:

cleaning the kids' bathroom
vacuuming the upstairs
getting dressed
planning meals for the next week
reading my bible

What I am actually doing is obvious, I guess. Doing it while finishing off my coffee.

My wonderful Mom-in-law will be here in a couple of hours, and I am not very prepared. I was telling Kevin yesterday how 'comfortable' (lazy?) I'm feeling about preparations. I looove having Martha to visit and want her to feel welcome and comfortable. So, my plan is to welcome her to our house as it normally looks and hand her a basket of laundry as she walks in the door. Just kidding. I will clean the scary kids' bathroom before she arrives. She has always made me feel completely un-pressured when it comes to cleanliness and organization. She is one of the most easy-going and contented people I've ever met. So she makes a wonderful house guest. Can't wait to see her!

Also, I think that for those interested, let's read The Life and Diary of David Brainerd, beginning whenever you can get your hands on a copy. I think it will be inspiring.

I'm off to find some bathroom cleaner.


cristina said...

That's so wonderful about your mom in law! I can relate so much. I LOVE my mother in law, she's also been like a mother to me. What a blessing! :)
I will try to get the book ASAP, I need to check with Sean and see if indeed we have the book before I head out to the book store.

velvet said...

I thought for sure you would have someone cleaning your house for you. You continue to amaze me!

Reading the book sounds interesting, but you know what I'm studying in my reading hour, and I'm not sure I would have the time. I will read your blog discussions and hopefully receive some second-hand inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine ANY room in your house being "scary"!
Mothers-in-law are such a blessing, aren't they!?!

I would like to join in on your book discussion. I will try to get the book asap.


Candice said...

Michelle, I am so glad you'll be reading with us! I think this will be fun to do together...

Candice said...

Velvet, I understand you must pick and choose to fit things in. I hope and pray your church study is going well. Let me know what you're learning when you get a chance!

Candice said...

Cristina, I am so glad you want to participate. I always appreciate your point of view on things. Also, I just heard that Anita and family are heading your way. Hope you guys get to connect and visit together.