Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Would You Have Me to Do?

"For each one of us--whether on a bed of pain, in the feebleness and uncertainty of purpose which can come with ill-health or overstrained nerves, or whatever else may be our immediate condition--nothing is more urgent than for us to ask, "What would You have me to do?"

For whatever our state, however helpless and incapable, however little service to God or to our neighbor seems to be within our power, there is no doubt at all as to His willing us to do something.

Not necessarily any great thing--it may be only some little message of sympathy and comfort to one even more lonely than we are--it may be a kindly word or glance to one whose own fault has cut him off from general kindness and pity--it may be even just to stand and wait in humble patience til He makes His will plain, refusing to fret or murmur while we wait--but in some shape or other, be certain that your Master and Lord hears and will answer your question, "What would You have me to do?"

H.L. Sydney Lear

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