Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Other Side

Okay, I do know that jokes should usually be taken 'lightly', and don't want to be a big stick-in-the-mud, but I have to confess that my conscience has been bothering me a bit about my recent "Survivor" post. We all know that humor always contains a grain of truth, and I keep wondering if the 'grain' contained in that funny story is subtle male-bashing? I asked Kevin to read it and tell me what he thought, and he didn't laugh. He smiled, but didn't think it was really all that cute. So, in an effort to present 'the other side' of the coin, here's what the ladies' "Survivor" series would entail.

The women would have to rise early every day and get themselves to work, on time, knowing that difficult coworkers, bosses, and customers await, as well as competition amongst the ranks. Often they are under-appreciated. The full weight of providing for a spouse and children is always on their minds. Savings? Retirement? College? Making the monthly budget stretch? It's all up to them, and they bear the burden of this pressure.

After being away all day at work and emotionally exhausted, the ladies will be met at home with even more responsibility. The kids will need disciplining, the husband will demand help and relief as he too is tired after his day with the kids.

The ladies will be ultimately responsible for the spiritual training, nurturing, and growth of the kids. Before the Lord. (Wow.) They are also held accountable for the behavior and reputation of their husbands before the Lord and others.

When there is a strange noise downstairs at two o'clock in the morning, the husband will huddle under the covers while the ladies must don their robes and bravely check things out. Bravely.

The ladies will be responsible to pay close attention to the care and maintenance of all family vehicles. This includes oil changes and tire rotations, as well as being alert to strange noises. the ladies must research and locate the most honest and reasonably-priced mechanic available, or do the work themselves. And figure out how to fit the cost of parts and labor into the budget.

All rodent and insect elimination is the sole responsibility of the wives.

I don't know about you, girls, but I am soo glad to be a woman, with a woman's job of keeping my home! I can't imagine all the pressure and responsibility that men must face! I could have added a description about all the sexu@l temptation men must deal with at every turn, but couldn't quite figure how to equivocate that one. That issue alone must be exhausting to a godly man who is fighting against it and who strives to be a 'one-woman man'. And I know that this little list doesn't begin to cover the struggles, pressures, and responsibilities that men face on a daily basis.

Just as the image of a man wearing make-up and polishing his nails is weird and disgusting, so is the thought of the woman creeping downstairs in the middle of the night to check out a scary noise, while her husband cowers in bed.

Forgive me for my un-funny little post. I am so glad that men are created to be manly, and different, than women. Aren't you?

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Very discerning point!