Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just found this neat website I thought I'd share. It is so hard to keep focused on Jesus during the Christmas season, amid all the decorating, shopping, baking, wrapping, etc. I tell the kids that without Jesus, Christmas is just a big empty party. Looks like this site has tons of good ideas to use to keep Christ at the center of your family's Christmas.


Early...too early

It's 5:24am on Tuesday, but by now I have been up for a couple of hours. One of the lovely things about late pregnancy. I have a new appreciation for those of you (Aunt Bren) who don't sleep well on a regular basis. Of course, now, I feel okay; I will be doing some praying and hoping for a nap this afternoon, I'm sure!

The house is quiet, except for the hum of the laptop and the squeaking of the hamster wheel upstairs. Last night we hosted our Church Group, and after everyone left, Noah got sick. He occasionally gets really bad headaches, so I don't know if the headache was to blame for the upset stomach, or what...When I finally went to bed around 11:00, he was sleeping on the bathroom rug by the toilet, covered up with a blanket. Pretty pitiful, but he didn't want to move.

Thanksgiving was lots of fun with Kevin's Mom and sister and her family. The kids all play so well that we hardly see them when they are with their cousins. Lots of good food, football, some window shopping on Friday, and the older kids went with the Moms to the movies to see Enchanted. Very cute--and refreshingly without potty humor or innuendo, I might add.

Yesterday was a good school day; Mondays usually are as I am more organized and refreshed than on say, Thursday and Friday! I am praying that these last 3 1/2 weeks of school before the baby comes will be very productive so we can enjoy a long Christmas/baby break without guilt. My Mom will be here on the 18th, if the baby doesn't come before then, and then my Dad will come later, then Kevin's Mom. It will be wonderful to have their help and company, as it always is. I tell people that my favorite thing about having a baby, other than the baby, is the Moms coming to take care of us all.

Well, not a very exciting blog entry, but this is what's in my brain right now. Hope you have a very happy Tuesday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving thoughts

Well, I can hardly believe that this week is Thanksgiving! Where has the time gone? I seem to ask myself that question a lot. Kevin's Mom, and sister Mandy, her fun husband Craig, and their two sweet kids will be here on Wednesday. I plan on cleaning tomorrow and start baking all those pies. It's tradition: We have to go completely overboard with the pies every year!

Today is unseasonably warm--around 75 degrees, I think, so I am forcing the kids to stay outside and play for a while. I told them that it's supposed to snow on Thursday and it may be months before we see another day like this, so they have to play just a little longer before the little girls' nap time.

The kids and I finished reading a biography about Gladys Aylward last week. God has really brought it to mind a lot, using her example to encourage and correct me when I tend toward complaining thoughts and attitudes. If you were like me and totally unfamiliar with this amazing lady's life, I will give you a quick synopsis. Gladys was born in England and as a young woman had a desire to be a missionary to the people of China. She failed out of Bible school, and was discouraged by the Mission Board from trying to do mission work; she was actually told that she was more suited to being a housekeeper. Nevertheless, she worked and saved, and bought a train ticket with the intent of locating an American woman doing mission work in China, and becoming her housekeeper. This is getting long, so I will summarize. Gladys almost starved to death, froze to death, nearly escaped being raped and abducted, and ran out of money, all before ever finding the lady she'd come in search of. When she finally did find the missionary, Gladys was disappointed to find not a motherly, kind, gentle lady to serve alongside, but a tough, critical woman who was anything but motherly. And this is only the beginning of her amazing story. My summary is way too long, so I recommend that you read the book yourself!

So, what struck me over the past few days was that I was tempted to focus on how tired I felt (just reading about Gladys' life makes me weary, yet she continued on in faithful service), or how some days I feel like a washerwoman (Gladys had no biological children of her own, but ended up caring for close to 200 children who were orphaned by war--and that is 200 at one time), or other self-focused thoughts, I kept marveling at how wimpy and pampered I am! I have and AMAZING life full of comforts and conveniences, and yet I still tend to complain and be negative in my heart! I have to ask God to forgive me and continue to change my focus: off of myself, and onto Him and the others that I am here to serve and love.

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving, keeping your eyes on the Cross and our Precious Savior.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Assassain on the loose

I'm here at the computer, catching up on my reading while coaching Lily to take one more bite of Taco-Bean Soup (she thinks I'm trying to poison her, apparently). Keely and Noah are watching their Latin lesson on DVD, Rowan is building a block house on the shifting sands of the couch cushion, and I look up to see what Joe is up to. I catch him, arm raised with a large block in his hand, poised behind his unsuspecting brother's head. "Joseph!", I call. He looks over, drops the block, and assumes an air of innocent mischievousness.

It's so hard to be tough when the offender is so darn cute.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ooooh! Oooh! Ooooh!

Kevin and I love love the show '24'. I found this trailer for the new season today.