Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Heavens!

Who says that you really know everything about your husband after 11 years of marriage? Or, that we women don't influence our men for good? I have forced/cajoled/bribed Kevin to watch movie adaptations of my all-time favorite author's works for our entire relationship. I am referring to Jane Austen, the queen of the romantic comedy-of-manners genre, in my humble but accurate opinion. (Okay, maybe Kevin is rubbing off on me, too...) Anyway, I have suspected for a couple of years that Kevin has, really, deep down in his macho-manly heart, developed an appreciation for Sense and Sensibility too. I was checking out his blog profile tonight, and, lo and behold! He has gone public! Good for you, honey. It takes a secure man.


velvet said...

Haven't been to your blog in a while. You've done quite a bit. Great stories! My kids love Texas, too!

Living Life in Russia said...

Good for you, Kevin! There is none better than Jane Austen! I was looking for Mandy on the Crossings and I found your blog. You have a beautiful family... it was nice to get caught up. If you are curious what we have been up to you can check out mine... www.hayeshere.blogspot.com Tell Mandy I was looking for her! --- Christine