Monday, May 07, 2012

What We're Doing Today...

I can assure you that this won't be a very exciting post. ...That sounded a bit 'Eyeore', didn't it?! I keep thinking of things I'd like to share here, things I'm reading, how God is working, funny things that happen from day to day, but I just simply am having a hard time finding the time to get on the computer and blog. I'm not ready to give it up, though; I've been blogging here for about six years! It's a kind of journal of our lives, and though neglected at times, I think I'll keep 'er running. 

Keely is nearing her fourteenth birthday. I never thought, fourteen years ago, that my baby would turn into this lovely young woman...that was an eternity away! Keely is a writer and reader, and spends much of her time doing that. School is pretty light for her this summer; just Algebra and reviewing a little of her Challenge A work every day. I am hoping she will invest some time in cooking, sewing, outside time, etc. Saturday I took her and one of her friends to a wooded area so they could practice their photography skills. Fun to see what they did! 

Noah is looking forward to his twelfth birthday tomorrow. We'll delare a national (or at least household) holiday and take the day off of school. Noah is maturing so much and really growing right before my eyes. He's still that wonderful mix of little boy/young man, though; he loves his Legos and loves to be silly, but on the other hand has taken over the mowing and weed-eating for Kevin. He's a fun kid, and I am so thankful for him! 

 Lily is every the little Mama. She's often at my heels asking what she can do to help. She is funny and hyper and is a joy. She's currently painting an old birdhouse she found in the back yard. The girl LOVES animals, too. 

Rowan is getting ready to celebrate her eighth birthday this month, too. She is excited because this means that she will begin to get allowance (we give them 50 cents per year of their age, per week, til they turn thriteen, when there are often more opportunities to earn money on their own). She is becoming a great and hungry reader, and school seems to come easily to her. She is learning to laugh at herself and grow into the loving 'big sister' role. Rowan is a sweetie, and I see the Lord working in her life, softening her heart. Right now she's in her room reading Betsy and Tacey go Up the Hill

 Joe is such a boy. Kevin and I say that to each other a lot. He is constantly in motion, constantly dirty or sweaty, and often in lala land when I tell him something. He has an adorable smile, though, and you know he isn't malicious in his disobedience....he's just such a boy. :) He makes me laugh...when he's not making my temperature rise. :) 

 Annesley is independent, affectionate, and funny. She and Joseph are into 'playing house' together in the basement, where they've erected 'houses'. Annes also loves loves to eat. She's also learning to 'pull her weight' and help out...some. It's so easy to ask the older kids to do stuff and not Annes, but I know I am probably cultivating laziness in her! Need to work with her more on that... 

Sam. Ah, Sam. What can I say? Into something every minute of the day it seems, and often it ain't good. Kevin and I are kept on our toes by this little guy, and realizing that we have got to be more consistent, though that's a huge job as he disobeys so much! He is so much fun, though, and though this is a challenging season, it's also delightful in many ways, too. (Watching him conquer his fear of the trampoline and jump around with his little legs....seeing him 'pretend' play in his cozy coupe in the backyard...funny boy!)

Elijah is growing, and smiling and charming us all. Love love that little baby. Savoring every minute with him, or trying to at least! 

Kevin has been struggling with health issues these past few months. The Lord is growing us both, though, and teaching us to depend on Him. Please pray for Kevin's healing if you think of him, and pray that I will be a supportive (not overwhelmed and resentful) wife to him. 

I just finished reading Sarah's Key, and it was good. Lots of crying involved. I have several books on my nightstand that I picked up at our local homeschool conference a few weeks ago. Loving the Little Years is one I have finished but plan on re-reading and discussing with Kevin. Seems like the longer I'm a Mom, the more I realize how much I don't know and don't do right! I'm not despairing, though, but am going to keep working and keep trusting in the Lord. He's the One my children need to ultimately look to for example, for perfection, for salvation. I also bought Give Them Grace, which I can already tell is going to be extremely convicting. Also hope to read that with Kevin. In all our free time, of course. :)  Blessings to you today!  I must go run an errand so I can make a certain birthday boy's cake...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012