Monday, December 26, 2011

'Be the Church' or Go to Church?

This is an excellent article on the Lord's Day. It's a bit long, but well worth the read.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going to Work With Daddy

Kevin makes an effort to take each of the older children to work with him for a special one-on-one day with Daddy each year. This idea began years ago when we heard of 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day'. Presumably, the philosophy behind this is 'Daddies, Don't Let Your Babies (Girls) Grow Up to be Housewives'. :) Maybe, maybe not. But we have taken it as an opportunity for each child to see what Daddy does every day and make some special memories. Taking Rowan for the first time this week seemed like a great idea since things are slower at Kevin's office this week. She was so excited and packed her purse full of drawing supplies and a book for the times when Daddy needed her to entertain herself. She was treated to gifts of candy from Kevin's coworkers, a special lunch in the campus cafeteria, and a tour of the campus. What a fun day!

We are enjoying these last few days before Christmas by spending time with each other, baking Christmas goodies, and having friends over to play. We're halfway through Focus on the Family's excellent audio version of A Christmas Carol (which we listen to every year), and hope to fit in It's a Wonderful Life and The Star of Bethlehem, too. We'll be celebrating Christmas on Saturday, so 'our' Christmas eve is tomorrow night! Exciting! Blessings to you all as you meditate on the miracle of our Savior's birth!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mini McFries

We took the kids to McDonald's a couple of weeks ago, and Kevin took this picture of Sam's fries with his phone. You really can't get a good idea of just how small this box of fries is, but trust me, it was tiny. Who's to blame?!

Kevin says Ben Bernanke, I say Michelle Obama.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Goings On

It's hard to believe that its been three weeks since I've blogged! Well, it's been a busy time, as I know it is for everyone this time of year. Lots of fun stuff's been going on, so here are lots and lots of pictures...probably too many! :)

My little Joe turned six, and we enjoyed a low-key family party, as last year he had a big friend party. We're trying to go for the every-other-year party thing.

It was a treat to hear Keely play a Christmas duet at Crown Center in downtown KC. I love the look of concentration on her face!

The boys are excited that we'll be getting some sort of Lego store/play center next year, though you can't tell it from looking at Joseph's face. :)

We had a fun time at our church's Christmas brunch. Noah is in the back on the right.

Here's Keely (second from right) with some of her buddies from church. We are so blessed to have so many neat families at our church!

Annesley won't officially turn four 'til Wednesday, but we celebrated a bit early to give her some space between celebrating her birthday and Christmas. This was her first friend party, and she did great, though we did have some explaining to do about why there was no 'goodie bag' for her!

Lily and her friend Audrey sang beautifully at the Christmas party!

The kids paired up and decorated gingerbread houses this morning after chores.

Aldi had the best price on gingerbread houses I've seen: I think they were $6.99.

Our rental house's living room is way too small for our normal Christmas tree, so we bought a little bitty one this year. I was a bit sad at first, but the more I though about after-Christmas cleanup, the happier I became. :)

While the kids worked on their gingerbread houses, we had to occupy Sam somewhere else. He helped Daddy clean out his car in the garage, mainly by spilling his snack bag in the backseat, and creating toddler fingerprint art on the freshly cleaned windows. You can forgive almost anything if one is this cute, right?

I hope you are all enjoying the magic of this time of year, and loving on those little people in your life! I must admit that I have struggled this past week with patience and kindness with the kids, and I'm going to the Lord a lot for His help. Here's one of my favorite quotes. I hope it encourages you like it does me.

“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”
Jim Elliot