Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parental Rights: Overruled

This video is about 36 minutes, and is well worth your time. If you think that the parental rights movement is alarmist, you might change your mind after watching this.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Family Fun

We are enjoying having our family here so much! We have one more day together, and then they'll have to head home in the morning.

Keely and Nana playing a Christmas duet

Perusing (and wearing) cute new (to us) hand-me-downs!

The girls with their sweet cousin, Faith

Uncle Craig is always a popular guy at our house!

Today the plan is to take the kids to see the Muppet movie--a rare and exciting treat! Hope you enjoy this post-Thanksgiving Friday, too!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Pics of the Kids

The girls did really well during our session, as did the boys...with the exception of Sam. If he looks like he's about to bolt in the above photo, it's because he was. This was one of the only shots where he had even a hint of a smile. No one cried, however, and for that I am thankful. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Can I just say, quickly, as I really shouldn't be on the computer but tackling the 294 things I need to be doing, that this book had the most wonderful ending? I was almost crying with joy at the unexpected turn of events. I'm not going to give it away, but if you're looking for a good read (though graphic in parts, so be warned), I'd recommend this.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Try This Again...

Ahhh. We have emerged from the virus relay here at the Dennis home. Everyone took the baton except hardy little Rowan. We're hoping that we are finished with it!

1. Lily and Rowan were able to take a trip to West Virginia last week with my parents, and they had a great time. It was their first 'big girl' thing to do by themselves, I think. I was pleasantly surprised that they seemed to get along swimmingly, as those two can sometimes clash. (If you know us in real life, you are snickering right now at that understatement!) I missed them, and I love the spice that each child's personality adds to our family. It was strange to set the table for seven instead of nine. Glad they're home.

2. I'm reading a very moving book right now:
Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. It's a bit graphic in parts, but fascinating as well. Fitting for (around) Veteran's Day. War is so ugly, and I hope my sons never have to partake in one.

3. I can hardly believe that I have only about nine weeks to go in this pregnancy! This is the first time that I actually feel that it's gone fast. I'm enjoying all the kicking and elbowing and tap dancing on my bladder, and imagining who this little one will be. We have our names, for a boy and a girl. All I'll say is that they both start with an 'E'. And, I picked up a pack of newborn diapers the other day. I couldn't wait to get home to pull one out and marvel at how little it was! The girls all oohed and ahhhed and squealed with me, which made it even more fun. :)

4. This weekend Kevin and I were able to attend a marriage conference at our church. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Ever heard of nouthetic counseling? I hadn't either until a couple of years ago. I am so delighted and excited to know that there is a movement made up of Christian counselors who reject the worldly psychology that conflicts with God's word. Over the years I've heard several Christian women talk about how they need more than a 'couple of Bible verses thrown at them' to really deal with problems. This attitude has always grieved me because either we believe that God's Word is powerful, active, and sufficient, or we don't. Not everything is a 'disorder'. Sometimes--often--it's just called sin.

5. Oops. I stepped onto my soapbox! I was going to link to the sessions we heard about marriage by Dr. George Scipione. He's very entertaining and lively to listen to, as well as full of good solid wisdom straight from the Bible. Aww, rats. They aren't on Sermon Audio yet! Here's a link to his other stuff, though. I'll check back later and update when the conference is loaded.

6. Kevin just put a Ron Paul bumper sticker on our van. I'm not sold on all of his opinions, but I do think he makes the most sense. He's so un-politician-y. I feel queasy when some of the other slick guys talk. Blech. Substance, please? I'm dying for substance after 3 years of President Obama.

7. We're still renting our friends' house, and occasionally showing it for them. We keep an eye on the listings, too, and occasionally go check out a property. So far, we haven't found the right place. Several factors will have to converge (price, enough property, not too far from church/Kevin's work, house that will fit us and not need too much major work), so we are trusting the Lord to show us when and where to go. We aren't discontent, but are very much looking forward to a quiet place in the country, with a few chickens, dogs, and cats. :)

Say 'hi' if you have a minute! I love to hear from you!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Seven Quick Things 11.7.11

I was sitting down to blog just now when I heard Sam crying. When I went in to check on him, I was greeted with a sick, sad little guy who'd just thrown up. :( So...my seven things post will have to be postponed. Sam's in the tub, and I must go crank up the washer.

Pray the rest of us won't get the yuck that's going around!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Throw Yourself on the Mercy of God

"God uses failures in fantastic ways. It's not all up to you. ... The beautiful reality is, your work isn't going to save your kids. You can relax. You do not know how God will work. Be weak and throw yourself on the mercy of God."

~Elyse Fitzpatrick