Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whose Idea was that?

I was making the kids' lunch this afternoon, and 'Between the Lions' was on PBS. I heard a familiar sounding voice on t.v., and when I looked up, guess who was introducing the 'op' letter combination to little children all over the country?

Dr. Ruth. As in the sex therapist doctor. Is it just me or is that a really weird choice for a kids' program? I am picturing me and the kids browsing in Barnes and Noble when one of them sees her book and pipes up with, "Look Mommy! It's Doctor Ruth!"

What's In a Name?

Good morning to you. Yes, it's almost 9:00, and no, we aren't doing school yet. Yes, I have showered, and no, the breakfast dishes aren't done. Ahhh...the joys of homeschooling! You get to be in charge of your daily schedule! The kids are playing some kind of game in the basement involving a whistle and a flashlight. I don't see how they stand the cold down there. And let me just say for you in Texas: I wish I was there right now; whatever temperature it is there has got to be better than the
0 degrees it is here!

Whenever we tell people the baby's name, we always get a polite response and a comment about how pretty it is. But I can tell they're wondering where in the world we came up with it. I like names with a story, though Keely's and Rowan's and Noah's don't have one, other than we really liked those names. But, Annesley's name does have a story. (btw, it's pronounced ANN-slee.)

After Joseph was born, Kevin was feeling very tired and old (I'm not saying it, he did!). He felt that we were finished having children and was content with that. I was a little sad, but tried to focus on the five we had, and eventually, I became content with our family size. I sortof 'moved on' emotionally to the next stage of life, and I must say that the thought of not having to go through childbirth again was a happy one! So, when we found out last April that a little surprise was on the way, I was not sure how to feel about it. Well, to be honest, I was a bit upset. Here we were again, not moving out of the diapers, sippy cups, and sleepless nights stage, but diving back into those things once again. This was not in the plan! I was going to get fat again! And acquire new stretch marks!

As I was struggling with our situation, I was reading a biography about Susannah Wesley. Susannah was the father of John and Charles Wesley, the founders of the Methodist Church. She also had seventeen other children, nine of whom died. She had an incredibly difficult life in other ways, too: her family's house burned down twice, her husband was a difficult man to live with and was in and out of debtors' prison, and there were other hard things she experienced. The striking thing about her was that she never got mired down with self-pity; she seemed to accept all these things with grace and submission to to her heavenly Father. So, as I was thinking about this godly woman's example, God seemed to be saying to me, "It's not all about you, Candice!" Through tears I realized how selfish my thinking had been; I was not submitting my thoughts and emotions to God's greater plan for my life and for the life of the little one He chose to give us. It was truly one of those moments that you don't forget. I knew God was speaking to me, in a sense; chastising this selfish little child. Over the next few days, I became genuinely excited about the baby, instead of feeling sorry for myself. So, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with Annesley's name. Susannah Wesley's maiden name was Annesley. So we knew if we had a girl, that would be her name.

I also have to tell you how wonderful Kevin was during this time. When I called him, crying, and told him I was pregnant, he immediately responded with, "That's great!" He reminded me that God is sovereign; his excitement was comforting to me. And remember, Kevin was the one to initially say, "We're done"! What a great husband!

So, there's the story. Now that I have seen and held and smelled the precious little girl I was so upset about having, I am ashamed of myself. I can't imagine life without her, as it aways goes. Children truly are a heritage from the Lord.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Honey, Come Home!

When I was in high school, if I was at my best friend's house (yes, you, Chris K.!) at a late hour, her dad would get out of his chair, head to his bedroom, and say to his wife, "Momma, it's time for bed." I thought this was sweet, yet weird at the same time. Was he ordering her to bed? Could she not decide for herself when she wanted to head to bed? I didn't get it.

But now I do.

Kevin is in New Orleans attending training classes (he has a new job in network security--still with Sprint), and has been gone for 6 days now, and won't be home for another 4, and I am realizing that of all the reasons that I love my husband and like to have him home, one important one is that he tells me when to go to bed. Not exactly in those words, but I am finding that I need some spurring in that direction to make myself shut down for the night. I have been staying up entirely too late reading stuff online or watching quality television, like Access Hollywood. Or blogging, like now. Besides, a king-sized bed feels a little empty when it's just you and your newborn baby. So, please, honey, come home. You can even call me 'Momma'....(just please not 'Big Momma'... )

For Daddy

Little People

A dreary place would be this earth
Were there no little people in it;
The Song of life would lose its mirth
Were there no little children to begin it.

No little forms, like buds to grow,
And make the admiring heart surrender,
No little hands on breast and brow
To keep the thrilling love-chords tender.

The sterner souls would grow more stern,
Unfeeling nature more inhuman
And man to stoic coldness turn,
And woman would be less than woman.

Life's song, indeed, would lose its charm
Were there no babies to begin it;
A doleful place this world would be
re there no little people in it.

John Greenleaf Whittier

Monday, January 14, 2008


***I was parked on the curb at the airport terminal on Saturday, waiting to pick up my Mom. A man approached our 12-passenger van, and actually signaled to me, asking if I was his shuttle. Yep, folks, we have reached a new level of uncool.

***I was nursing Annesley yesterday when Rowan walked by. Seeing my exposed side, she reached over and pinched my 'spare tire' and said, "Mommy, you have a lot of extra milk in your tummy."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year's Eve

Wonderscope Pics

Yesterday was Nana's last day with us, so we just had to do something fun. So, we made a trip to Wonderscope Children's Museum, and the kids had a blast playing. Keely is probably getting close to outgrowing this particular museum, but even she really had a fun time. Here are some pictures of the day.

I'm pretty bleary-eyed, so this post is short and sweet.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

On this first day of the new year, I'll stop to thank God for His rich and abundant blessings, His faithfulness, His refining work in our lives. I'm so humbled that He gives the gift of his grace to me and my family--His unmerited, undeserved favor.

Kevin and I are so thankful for the latest gift to us: Annesley Noel. She is precious and healthy and beautiful (if I do say so myself!), and it's amazing that this complete little person has a plan laid out for her life already by the Lord. It's interesting how my perspective has changed ten years since our first child was born. I thought of Keely as 'my' baby; almost as a possession, as weird as that sounds. Now, I see Annesley as an individual, with all her potential bound up inside her, dormant for now, but nevertheless there. She is a gift 'on-loan', as all of our children are. We have the responsibility and privilege of training and protecting and teaching them all, just for a short time, really, then our job will be over, or at least much different. I hope and pray that we will do the will of our Father and be faithful in this task of utmost importance.

As a side note, everyone here is adjusting well to the new baby. Joseph has had the attentions of Grandma, and now Nana, so he seems to not notice so much that I am less available to him since I'm often busy with the baby. He loves her, and likes to 'pet' her on her head. Rowan and Lily still are enamored with our living baby doll, and ask to hold her all day long. Noah is an attentive big brother, always hopping up to get the pacifier back in Annesley's mouth if he hears her fussing. Keely is a big help to everyone, as always, and loves being a big sister for the fifth time. Kevin's Mom is here for several more days, and it's such a huge blessing. She goes all day long helping with the kids and housework, then willingly shares her bed with a wiggly kid every night. I don't think we'll let her leave.

I hope that you have a fantastic 2008, and that this year will be one in which you grow in your love for the Savior. That's our resolution, too. Happy New Year!